Matchday 4 of the B-League, which was supposed to feature one match (Others vs. St. Barthélemy) was postponed to next week, although there is still a possibility that it will also not take place then.

The B-League (top tier of Baránok) restarted today after 7 months. FC Zrno and Others played each other today, with FC Zrno going victorious after a very nervy match. Others took an early lead but FCZ striked back and was winning 10-4 in one moment, with S.D., Imrich Kvajda and D.K. scoring the goals. Others pressed very hardly in the...

Today, T.L. assumed office as the new manager of the Talconian national football team. He is the former player of FC Jaraba, FC Zrno and FC Goji United and briefly managed the latter of the three. He replaced caretaker manager Imrich Kvajda on the post.

Yesterday was a big day for Talconian football, as the Talconian football association was established. Two new clubs, Island United and Manchester Riparian Woodlands were established and also the top tier of Talconian Football, the Talconian Premiership.

Gyöfutballár, a new club from Gyögiszertár, registered today as the 6th club of the Baranese national football association. It was established by Oľga Bebečková and will probably join the B-League the next year, expanding the number of teams in it to 5.

Imrich Kvajda confirmed today that he will depart from FC Zrno to FC Goji United when the season ends. He has been in FC Zrno for two years now, with 13 matches played and 3 goals scored. Kvajda has already trained with Goji United and played a friendly match.

The Cycling Union of Baránok (CUB, or Union Cycliste de Baránok) started its existence today, with Imrich Kvajda as President and J. Hriko and S.S. as Deputy Presidents.

As Gyögiszertár is in quarantine, sports in Baránok stopped and they are not played. Now, many e-sports are popular in Baránok (such as FIFA), because you don't need to meet with other people to play it. We hope that all will get back to normal soon.

There is a new trend in Baránok: Tree Walking! Today, three Baranese citizens went on Ahoj Hill, Bratislava and practiced this new sport. Rules are very simple. You have to walk on a fallen tree from one end to second without fall. It's hard sometimes, because the tree is narrow and it's shaking. We believe that this sport will be...

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