Presidental Candidates for the 2020 Presidental Elections #1


Yesterday, three candidates announced that they will run in Presidental Elections, which will be around 3rd or 4th April. Today, only one candidate decided to run for President. Here is the complete list of candidates as of 2nd April 2020:

Imrich Kvajda

A founder of Baránok, he is one of the most influential people in Baránok. He was President of Baránok from 2018 to 2020 and in Połiak-Baránok, he was two times Prime Minister in 2020. A left-wing politician, he is the main candidate of Conservative Democratic Alliance as a member of its liberal Nordic-Agrarian fraction.


A military officier and former Minister of Defense, S.S. is known for his love of militarism. He is a candidate of conservative Safety and Sport-Social Democracy. He ran for President in Połiak-Baránok, too, but he ended second and lost with only one vote per the winner.

Oľga Bebečková

 A skilled national-liberal politician, she was Minister of Health and she held another Minister offices. She is an independent candidate with support from Conservative Democratic Alliance. Her opponent Imrich Kvajda (from Conservative Democratic Alliance, too) said that she has his support if she wins. The surveys confirmed her lead.


He served as Prime Minister of Baránok and for short time of Połiak-Baránok, too. He never ran for President before. M.B. is a independent liberal-conservative candidate. He also served in Połiak-Baránok Army as Air Force General.
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