New President assumes office+profile


It's 12 AM and new President A.H. has officially assumed his office. By his election, CDA's dominance is confirmed. Here is A.H.'s profile:

A.H. entered the world of micronationalism when he founded First Republic of Baránok with Imrich Kvajda and became Prime Minister. He held this office to 5th September 2019, when he wasn't re-elected in general elections. He then had post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice to 25th February 2020. On 3rd March 2020, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Połiak-Baránok. After dissolution of Połiak-Baránok on 23rd March 2020, he was ,,invisible" and he didn't have any office. That changed on 8th April 2020, when he became Minister of Defence and President of Federal Assembly of Baránok. On 23rd April 2020, after resignation of Kvajda, he was chosen as coalition candidate for President. He won with 6 votes.

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