Minutes from the 2020 Baranese Presidental Elections


The presidental elections are finally here! We will bring you important moments from them.

12.46 We ended the broadcast. Thank you for reading.

9.17 I. Kvajda wins the elections (7 votes), with big lead over O. Bebečková (3 votes), S.S. (2 votes), and M.B. (0 votes).

7.48 Good morning! The elections officially ended and now, the votes will be counted.

22.00 We ended the broadcast for this day.

18.36 Nothing changed and it looks like the last two citizens will not vote.

16:04 M.B. finally voted, but not for himself, but for Kvajda Now, Kvajda has 7 votes and that means he won the elections, because when the two last voters will vote for someone else than Kvajda, Kvajda will be still first.

14.01 Presidental Candidate M.B. was asked to go vote, but he didn't respond. If the voter will not vote to 23h 59min this day, he can't vote anymore and the elections end on that time. 

13.32 It is nearly two hours from the moment, when last citizen voted. We are still waiting for the three that didn't vote.

13.28 The ,,Electoral Residence" of CDA:

13.21 Conservative Democratic Alliance is ready to prepare the ,,Electoral Residence" in the Formal Department of Izba. Deputy President of CDA I. Kvajda confirmed it.

12.15 Still, seven from ten Baranese citizens voted as of official counting.

11.45 Preliminary results were announced: 

1. I. Kvajda (6 votes)

2. O. Bebečková (3 votes)

3. S.S. (2 votes)

4. M.B. (0 votes)

11.41 Welcome to the minutes from the Presidental Elections! Currently, seven of ten citizens voted.

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